Transforming the voucher ecosystem with Ticket Xpress

Digital smart voucher system enables rewards programmes to be more responsive, relevant, easy to manage and easy to use.

Challenges in managing physical vouchers

Vouchers are used widely by companies in their loyalty programmes, for customer acquisition and staff benefit schemes, and to incentivise spending.

Traditionally, paper vouchers and catalogues have been used for these programmes, but this presented many challenges to the different parties involved in the voucher ecosystem.

For the voucher owner – the company that is giving out the vouchers – the compilation of the rewards catalogue is time consuming, and updates cannot be made in real time to reflect changes such as new promotions or merchant offerings.

For the merchants, administering the vouchers at the point of redemption and the processing of settlements is a labour-intensive task. Counter staff have to take down details such as the customer’s name and stamp the voucher to validate it. The manual handling of vouchers also means that more time is needed for consolidation and verification, resulting in a longer settlement period.

For customers or employees, it means having to carry with them hardcopy vouchers for redemption at the designated merchants, and not being able to replace them when the vouchers are lost or stolen. The hardcopy system also offers limited flexibility when it comes to voucher redemption.

The Ticket Xpress solution

Ticket Xpress is a digital smart voucher system that addresses these issues and helps lubricate processes in the voucher ecosystem, eliminating the need to handle hardcopy vouchers or to compile the rewards catalogue manually.

With Ticket Xpress, voucher owners have access to an existing ecosystem of merchants. They are able to generate e-vouchers with unique serial numbers and push these out to users (customers or employees) using short, secure URL links. The users can click on the link and enter a password to view and select the vouchers that they like, and how they wish to redeem them.

The system can be integrated into existing operations without the need for infrastructure overheads. For example, at the merchant’s point of sale, Ticket Xpress can be integrated with a barcode or QR code scanner to capture the redemption.


  • Platform-agnostic
    Ticket Xpress is based on HTML5 and compatible with native IOS and Android browers. It works without users having to download any mobile app.
  • Voucher management
    The system is integrated with native wallets such as Android Pay and Apple Pay so users can simply add reward to their wallets. It can also be customised to support third-party wallets. Users can receive reminders on expiry dates and be alerted to nearby shops where they can redeem their vouchers.
  • Security and privacy
    Each e-voucher is sent using a unique short URL which is 256-bit SSL-encrypted, with PIN code protection to prevent unauthorised access during delivery. No registration is required for the use of the e-voucher, ensuring the protection of personal data.
  • Flexible configuration
    The e-voucher can be configured to be redeemed at one specific merchant or more than one merchants. It can be redeemed for a specific product or service, or in the form of a specific cash deduction on check out until the balance is exhausted.
  • Flexible voucher delivery
    The unique link and PIN code for the e-voucher can be sent through SMS with a graphical preview, LINE or Facebook instant messenger, email, or as a QR code which users can scan. The voucher can also be downloaded directly in-web or in-app with API integration.


For voucher owners
  • Enhances competitive edge with a more responsive and dynamic e-voucher system for customer acquisition and retention.
  • Eliminates the time and effort needed to source for merchants for voucher redemption.
  • Provides immediate access to a ready catalogue, eliminating the need to maintain and update catalogues in-house.
  • Improves accountability with visibility into the e-voucher lifecycle from issuance to redemption or expiry.
  • Automates processes such as online membership renewal and the sending of e-vouchers.
  • Simplifies voucher management, enabling employees to focus on the company’s core business.
  • Provides data analytics into redemption patterns (e.g. who redeems what and where), to help companies fine-tune their rewards system.
For merchants
  • Opens up more revenue opportunities by enabling them to participate in different voucher ecosystems.
  • Enables promotions to be updated dynamically to ensure that they are fresh and relevant.
  • Ensures fast settlement – less than half the time needed for settlement compared to a traditional hard copy voucher system.
  • Avoids the manual processes and errors involved in processing hard copy vouchers.
  • Provides data analytics to give merchants insights into market response to their products and services.
  • Eliminates the risk of counterfeit hard copy vouchers.
For voucher management companies
  • Enables the company to automate processes and enjoy operations support with a hosted system.
  • Allows the company to focus on growing the merchant and client network.
  • Ensures fast settlement – less than half the time needed for settlement compared to a traditional hard copy voucher system.
For users
  • Eliminates the hassle of carrying hard copy vouchers.
  • Provides greater flexibility in the selection and redemption of rewards.
  • Easy voucher management with option to download e-voucher into digital wallets and reminders on expiry dates.

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