Ticket Xpress News JUNE2019

Ticket Xpress news
JUNE 2019
Ticket Xpress is a 100% mobile first gift voucher solution with amazing features and flexibility.
Thanks to Ticket Xpress, up to May 2019 Edenred Taiwan is ranked 1st place within Edenred group in terms of mobile payment transactions.
With the success of Ticket Xpress Digital voucher solution in Taiwan, we started rolling out the platform to other Asia Pacific markets in Q1 2019. We are pleased to expand the solution portfolio of Edenred countries to support their revenue growth; and to bring the platform into new markets through our partners. In the coming months, we will focus in helping countries with more wins, strengthening the product features and planning for cloud migration to increase higher scalability. With Ticket Xpress, we connect, you win!
Latest news
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank, India’s 3rd largest private sector bank, starts to adopt Ticket Xpress to fulfill its marketing needs in Incentive and Rewards.
  • Global Rewards HK on-boarded 17 merchants on Ticket Xpress aiming to serve corporate clients for better digital I&R experience.
  • OCBC, Singapore’s 2nd largest bank, purchased Ticket Xpress e-vouchers from UNIQGIFT, a new Ticket Xpress partner in Singapore specializing in unique gifting experiences, to boost usage for Samsung pay campaign.
  • Edenred Taiwan has on-boarded 42 clients in its newly developing employee benefit markets thanks to the innovation of Ticket Xpress Smart Choices Features.
  • Dealcha, a leading player in B2C cash rebate market place in Thailand, partnered with Edenred in order to transform and extend its online business from cash back to digital voucher.
Key figures
Ticket Xpress has rolled out to 4 more countries, including India, HK, Singapore and Thailand outside of Taiwan.
Ticket Xpress expanded business scopes by partnering with UNIQGIFT in Singapore, and Treepay and Dealcha in Thailand.
Up to May 2019, number of Ticket Xpress merchants brands has rapidly reached 180.
Case sharing
Break through in B2E market in Taiwan
Edenred Taiwan rebranded Ticket Xpress as Benefit Xpress for its market segmentation strategy in tackling employee benefits market with a market potential of TWD20 billion, or EURO578 million, per year.

Benefit Xpress highlighted unique “Smart Choice” and “Smart Balance” features and included key retailers such as Carrefour, Far Eastern SOGO Department Stores, Far Eastern Department Stores, Watsons, and 7-11 convenience stores etc in the offerings.

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New product innovation and updates
HERO FEATURE of Ticket Xpress
Smart Voucher
  • Validated in TW in H1 2017
  • Rolled out to APAC in Q1 2019
What is it ?
A new eVoucher format with a short URL and a paired pass code to access full information of the voucher .
  • ◗ HTML5 native
  • ◗ iOS & Android
  • ◗ App-less
  • ◗ Unique URL
  • ◗ PIN Code protection
  • ◗ Anonymous access
  • ◗ Real-time status
  • ◗ Shop location
  • ◗ Online support
  • ◗ Brand placement
  • ◗ Advertisement
Why you need it ?
  • Increase Competition Barrier.
  • Enable Self Services from End Users.
  • Laid out Foundation for User Monetization.
Market Feedback
  • In 2018, 70% of vouchers issued in Taiwan use Smart Voucher format ( 30% are API with wallet ).
  • Merchants satisfied as it shows full T&C and barcode for fast checked out.
  • Clients at the beginning had doubts but now fully convinced by security and full T&C information
Latest Feature of Ticket Xpress
Smart Choices
  • Validated in TW in H1 2017
  • Roll out to APAC in July 2019
Key Features
Smart Choices feature empowers end user to choose their favorite eVoucher in a pre-defined options thru the configuration of mother and child relation in the product combos in Ticket Xpress.
Mother Child Relation
  • ◗ One to One
  • ◗ One to Many
Product combo Define
  • ◗ Tailor made for client in project base
End user freedom of choices
  • ◗ Single choice (live)
  • ◗ Multiple choices ( planning )
  • ◗ All choices ( planning)
Business Impacts
  • A weapon to enter employee benefit market
  • TU% enhanced (thanks to settlement with clients in mother voucher level )
  • A good differentiator when meeting competition
Market Feedback
  • B2E clients / employees love the features feeling empowered freedom of choices in rewards.
  • A light weight redemption catalogue without registration or personal data cumbersome
  • Dominant merchants feel threats as Edenred introducing more competition to them
Product material updated on confluence

Ticket Xpress introduction video

Ticket Xpress demo kit

TX Merchant case study

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Product roadmap
IT Features Business Features
Q1 19’
Roll Out Readiness
  • Created Ticket Xpress instances for SG, TH and enhanced GR instances with authorization features.
Q2 19’
Performance Optimization
  • End User, Client, Merchant APIs Optimization
  • Archive TW instance
  • Valuing Move out of TX
  • TX Performance Monitoring Mechanism
  • Performance testing
Q2 19’
Smart Choices Voucher
  • empowers end user to choose their favorite eVoucher in a pre-defined options
Smart Booklet
  • One QRcode / barcode can be redeemed multiple times against for the same SKU product
Q3 19’
  • Create multi-tenant architecture to support multi-language, multi-currency and etc in one instance
Q3 19’
Credit limit control
  • Support credit limit rule to freeze issuance for better finance risk control
Q4 19’
Move to Cloud
  • Migrate Ticket Xpress instances into Azure cloud
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