Consumer Research Personal Data Protect

consumer research personal data protect






依個人資料保護法規定,您有權向宜睿智慧請求閱覽、查詢您的個人資料、製給複製本、請求資料之更正及補充、請求停止處理及利用或刪除,您可以透過Data Subject Access Request – Ticket Xpress 提出請求。但請注意,如涉及宜睿智慧執行業務之必要,您的請求可能不會被接受,另外,宜睿智慧有權針對查詢以及製給複本之請求收取必要成本與費用。

Privacy Notice

For the purpose of market survey, Edenred Ptd. Ltd. Taiwan Branch (“Edenred Taiwan” ) will collect your name, email, and consumer opinions, and conduct statistical analysis, collation, and visualization on the respondents’ opinions and preferences, which by no means includes personal data profiling. Edenred Taiwan’s data processing activities on consumer opinions will take place in Taiwan. After the market survey is closed, it is not possible to identify you from the statistical data, and your consumer opinions will be erased no later than three years after the survey is closed.

For the purpose of sending e-vouchers as a gift to you, Edenred Taiwan will process and use your email as necessary to send e-vouchers. Edenred Taiwan will process the data in Taiwan. However, the serial numbers of e-vouchers may be stored in Singapore. After sending the e-vouchers, Edenred Taiwan will delete your email unless you agree to accept surveys or market communications from Edenred Taiwan in the future.

Rights for Data Subject

You may refuse to proceed with the survey. The result of your refusal is that Edenred Taiwan will neither send you e-vouchers as your gift nor collect your personal data. If you refuse to make available your email to Edenred Taiwan, Edenred Taiwan will not be able to send you e-vouchers as your gift.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to raise to Edenred Taiwan a request to review or query your personal data, a request for a duplicate on your personal data, a request to correct or supplement your personal data, or a request to stop processing or using your personal data, or to delete your personal data. You may raise your request with Data Subject Access Request – Ticket Xpress. However, please note that your request may be rejected where it is necessary for Edenred Taiwan to carry out its business. In addition, Edenred Taiwan may collect necessary costs and expenses for requests about the request for query and a duplicate.